Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not so fast!

Well, the fingerprinting wasn't quite as easy as I thought. Mark's clearances came back fine. My state police and DCFS clearances were fine, but the FBI wasn't satisfied with the quality of my prints. They issued letters to me and to our social worker on March 8th stating that I needed to be re-printed. My letter never arrived, and the one that was sent to our social worker went to the wrong agency! Finally, we got it tracked down, and I was able to go yesterday to be fingerprinted again. The good news is that if this set of prints isn't good enough, they will just do a name check. Now we're hoping that this last clearance comes quickly so that it doesn't hold up the completion of our home study.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Making progress

The last few weeks have been busy with filling out lots of paperwork for our homestudy, doctor's visits, and appointments with our social worker. She will come to do our home visit on Thursday, and then we will be pretty much finished with our home study. This is the largest, most time-consuming part of the dossier (packet of documents) that goes to China, so we're feeling encouraged. Next up is the Hague training we have to do. We'll complete that April 9, and then hopefully our home study can be sent off to DCFS and Holt for approval. Then we can finally apply with immigration. The order in which things must be done has changed a bit since our last adoption, and it looks like the changes will add a couple of months to our paperwork phase. We're hopeful that it will all go as smoothly and quickly as possible!