Thursday, February 11, 2010

Could it be true?

Today we had our first homestudy meeting, which went very well. Of course, we now have a huge mound of paperwork to begin, but we knew that was coming! The amazing thing is how fingerprinting has changed since our last adoption. In 2006, we had to get separate clearances for DCFS, Illinois State police, the FBI, and immigration. Because my prints came back as "unreadable" a few times, I think I was printed a total of seven or eight times.

Today our social worker told us that DCFS, state, and FBI clearances can all come from the same set of prints now, AND they do them in the lobby of the building we are in, AND they are doing them today, AND it's free! So we marched down to the lobby where they did a live scan on each of us, and except for the immigration prints, we might actually be DONE with fingerprints! Woooo hoooo!


  1. I think they must have recently hired an adoptive parent in the fingerprint department. :)