Friday, May 7, 2010

Home study approval

After my second set of prints was rejected by the FBI as "unreadable," they did a name check instead. We've spent the past four weeks waiting for that to come back. Finally, on Monday it arrived! Our social worker sent our home study off to Holt for review, and after a couple of very minor changes, it has now been approved! Thankfully, something happened quickly! Once IL issues our foster care license in hopefully a week or so, our home study can be submitted to the state for review. Then we can apply to immigration. One more step behind us, and on to the next.

Elizabeth is so excited about having a little sister. She has already been in tears several times because she wants to have her sis NOW! She also is very faithful to pray for her sister -- that she is healthy and has enough food until we can bring her home. We are thankful to have a girl with such a sweet heart!

Evan is still trying to figure out exactly what's going on. Last night we ate at a Chinese restaurant and he said, "But is this the China where we're going to adopt our sister?" Smile.

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