Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Update!

I was so excited yesterday to open my e-mail and find an update on Amelia, with NINE new pictures! She looks like she's doing really well. From what we can see in the pictures, the nannies look like they truly enjoy the children, and all of the children seem well cared for and happy. We are so thankful that Amelia is getting good care until she joins our family. Here is a portion of the update:

"She develops a lot recently. She can walk by holding things by self. She can stand and crawl by self. She is very cute when she is walking and crawling. She sounds “Ma Ma” when she feels happy or in hurry. She is gentle and quiet. She appears smile on her face when she is happy. She requests hug when she sees familiar. "

We also learned that our Pre-Approval date is January 25th. This means that the CCAA has successfully received that letter of intent we sent saying that we wish to adopt Amelia. One more small step down!

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