Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amelia update

We took Amelia for her first doctor's appointment on Thursday. She was definitely well-fed in China -- she's in the 95th percentile for weight! She weighs just over 29 pounds at 20 months. Our doctor was very pleased with how she's doing. She wants Amelia to see a pediatric orthopedist about her feet, but she thinks that he will probably just want to monitor her. Her legs are okay, but the doctor feels that she doesn't walk correctly, perhaps because her feet are so flat. Other than that, she is doing great! We are so thankful not to have any major health concerns with her.

We are amazed at how well Amelia is doing. She has gotten so much stronger in the short time that we have been home. In China she was very wobbly when she walked and had trouble standing up from a squatting position. Now she goes up and down stairs, runs, climbs, and more with no trouble. She is a great eater and is doing better about drinking milk. She sleeps at least eleven hours at night and naps for about two hours in the afternoon with no fuss. Her orphanage behaviors such as throwing things, hitting, biting, and scratching are becoming less frequent. She is learning to sign "please" which seems to help cut down on the whining a little bit. We know that many families have a much harder adjustment period than we have. We know that it is only God's grace that has allowed Amelia to join our family so easily, and we praise Him for all He is doing in her life!

The rest of us are doing well, too, although I continue to find myself exhausted by the end of the day. I can't really keep blaming jet lag, as I am getting plenty of sleep! I think I'm still getting used to having another little person around all day, and trying to balance her needs with the needs of the older two, while still maintaining some sense of order in the house. Hopefully this will all feel "normal" before too long. I seem to do best when we have somewhere to go rather than staying home all day long. Not sure how that's going to work once we start schooling again this fall. . .

Here are a few things we have learned about Amelia since we've been home:
  • She's hungry often, and it's best not to make her wait too long to eat!
  • She is still unsure of grass, trees, and flowers. I don't think she saw any of these in China.
  • She tolerates the dog now, unless Sugar is under her chair while she's eating.
  • She says a few words, half in English (mama, dada, no, Amelia) and half in Mandarin (brother, sister, dog) and babbles a lot.
  • She loves shoes but will not tolerate hair bows or jewelry.
  • She doesn't much like the swimming pool.
  • She LOVES strawberry milk. When she gets one you would think she hadn't had liquid for days!
  • She likes to be tickled.
  • She likes to play in the bath tub, but not necessarily to be washed.
Here are a few pictures from the past few days. Enjoy!

Amelia LOVED the Old Settlers' Days parade in Metamora.

Ready for church

Our three fire crackers!


  1. She's so stinkin' cute! I enjoy your posts. We're (meaning: I'M) having trouble staying at home all day too...and meeting the needs of four is HARD. But we'll get there. Happy 4th! :o)

  2. We are so much enjoying following your blog and "vicariously watching" your transition with Amelia joining your family. We are working on reading LOTS of books on attachment/adoption/transracial family right now as part of our adoption service plan so it is fun to follow how all these issues are playing out in real time with Amelia and your family. :) God Bless you guys! Maybe sometime when we visit the Wichaels we will have to meet you all in person!