Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Orthopedist report

Today we took Amelia to see a pediatric orthopedist. Her pediatrician wanted him to evaluate her feet, since according to her referral she was born with "crossed feet that have been corrected." When we first got her, her legs were very bowed but her feet always seemed okay, and her legs have gradually straightened the longer we have been home. Well, the orthopedist said that if she had truly had clubbed feet, which is what everyone thought "crossed feet" were, it is very unusual that she would look and function as well as she does now. His thought is that perhaps her legs were bowed simply because of how she was positioned in utero and that those things often self-correct. So, he said she doesn't need anything else done. She can wear any type of shoes. The end result is that our daughter, labeled as a special needs child, seems to be completely healthy! We are so thankful and praising the Lord for His grace in Amelia's life! We know that adoptive families often face more issues than they were expecting, and we feel so blessed that our Amelia's special need has turned out to be a non-issue. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


  1. Absolutely...praise God! That is SO wonderful!

  2. Praise the Lord!!!!! That is so Awesome!!!

  3. So neat! It seems "crazy" that so many special needs children in China especially end up having no real special need! Thank you God for this good report from your doctor!