Thursday, April 21, 2011

We have Article 5!

We got an e-mail from our agency this morning saying that our Article 5 was picked up this week from the embassy in Guangzhou and that we are now officially waiting for travel approval! This came a day earlier than we expected, so it was a nice surprise! Our agency says that they should have our travel approval in about three weeks, and then we can plan our exact travel dates. We are hoping to leave on June 1st, but we know that the Lord's timing will be perfect whether we go then or a week or two later.

The fact that we are actually going to be on a plane in just a few weeks is becoming more real all the time! Please pray for us as we prepare to leave. The packing for five of us for two weeks in a foreign country in four suitcases that weigh less than 44 pounds is slightly overwhelming if I think about it too much. So is the thought of removing Amelia from everything and everyone she knows. Please pray for her transition into our family, and that we will learn how to help her through her grief. Please pray also for our other children as they adjust to a new sibling who may or may not like us at first!

I think I have not allowed myself to think about Amelia very much up to this point. It just makes the waiting easier. But now the realization is sinking in that I am going to be meeting my DAUGHTER in just a few more weeks! I can't wait to begin to learn who she is, what she likes, what her voice sounds like , and so many other things. I asked our agency earlier this month if they could get updated pictures and measurements for us. I have been checking my e-mail multiple times a day, but we haven't gotten anything yet. Hopefully soon. . .

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