Thursday, May 5, 2011

Updated pictures of our girl!

Several weeks ago we requested some new pictures and new measurements of Amelia. I had just about given up on getting any before we leave, but today in my inbox were FIVE new pictures! Here is what the update says about her:

1. What are her current measurements?

Height: 82cm, Weight: 11kg, Head: 45cm, Chest: 49cm, Teeth number: 16, Feet Length: 13cm

2. How are her eating and sleeping habits?

She goes to bed at 20:00 and wakes up at 7:00. She has nap at 12:00. She has three meals with dish and rice per day. She drinks milk. She eats fruit and snacks. She likes noodle that was cooked with fish soup, tomato and vegetables.

3. May we have a developmental update?

She is active, cute and lovely. She can walk alone. She can call Mom. She will babble or sing with “a, a…” or “Ma, ma” for joy when she is happy. She gets along very well with her peers. She likes playing together with her peers.

4. Has she had any recent illnesses? If so, how were they treated?

She is health all the time. She catches cold occasionally and she will turn well after taking medicine.

And here are some of the new pictures we received!

We can't wait to get there and meet our girl in person!


  1. what a little cutie pie! She is so squishy! I bet you can't wait to squeeze her!

  2. She is just beautiful! Looking forward seeing you hold her in your forever arms!

    ( Holt aka JK)

  3. Amelia is just precious! Great reading the update on her. She sounds like she is doing well.

  4. She is wonderful! So excited for all 5 of you!