Saturday, May 7, 2011


What a great Mother's Day gift! I checked my e-mail last night before bed, totally not expecting to find anything adoption-related, when I saw the message from Holt that said, "Travel approvals have arrived!" That is the last thing we were waiting for. Now we will have our consulate appointment confirmed, and then we can buy our plane tickets. We are hoping to fly to Beijing on June 1st. Time to start packing!

On Easter Sunday, our daughter was sitting in "big church" with us, and she heard the pastor say that if anyone had a prayer request they could write it on a care card and turn it in and the staff would pray for that request during the week. She right away found the card in her bulletin, and wrote as carefully as she could in her 6-year-old handwriting: "for our travel approval to come." What a blessing to be able to tell her today that the Lord had answered her prayer!

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