Thursday, June 2, 2011

And. . . we're off!

Our bags were all packed. . .

and loaded in the van. . .

and we got to the airport two hours early, only to find that our flight to O'Hare is delayed by over an hour! So we're still sitting here. Thankfully, we shouldn't have any problem still making our connection in Chicago. Please pray for that!


  1. We're thinking of you and praying for you today - hope the flight goes well! We are excited to follow your adventures over the next 2 weeks! Mary and Trent

  2. We are so excited for your family and will be anxiously following every step of your journey to bring Amelia home! You're in our prayers!

    Karen Heinze

  3. Oh how all those bags packed bring back so many memories!! Forgot to mention, Michelle, we ended up buying another suitcase in Shaimen Island just to bring back all the "goodies" we bought since it wouldn't fit in our other suitcases :0)