Monday, June 13, 2011

Consulate appointment

This morning Mark, Amelia, and I got up bright and early for our appointment at the US Consulate. We had to apply for Amelia's visa, which will be issued tomorrow, and then we can come home! Because we are staying at the Victory Hotel, we were on our own for transportation to the consulate, so our agency helped us book a car through the hotel. Everything was going smoothly and I was just feeling thankful that we were in a private car with Amelia sleeping on my shoulder. And then, about five minutes before we arrived at the consulate, she threw up. All over me and herself. And just as we got our wits about us and realized what was going on, the second wave came. We tried to mop ourselves off with baby wipes and got a little panicked as we saw she had blessed the inside of the rented car as well. We think she was just car sick, as she has seemed fine ever since. But just let me say that there will be no more strawberry milk around here anytime soon! So feeling yucky and wet, we made it to the consulate appointment. There were twelve families at the 8:30 appointment. We took an oath as a group saying that all our paperwork was true and then they called each family up to a window to sign one last form. That was it! We rode back to the hotel in the same car, which thankfully the driver had cleaned up while we were gone, tipped the poor man, and showered immediately.

We did a bit more shopping, and I think we are all done now. The question has become whether or not we need to buy an extra suitcase to get it all home! Amelia is napping right now, and I have an "exit meeting" to go to soon. Tonight we are planning on taking a cruise on the Pearl River with our Holt group, and tomorrow we prepare to come home.

sleepy girl

beautiful Shamian island

one of many bridal couples we have seen getting their pictures taken

some of the many shops on the island


  1. Wow, I can't believe your time in China is almost over! It has been such a blessing to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us. You have a beautiful family and we can't wait to see Amelia! Hope you are planning on coming to the FCC summer picnic! Praying for a smooth trip home for your family!

  2. Oh, my goodness. What a memory you'll have of the trip to your CA. How horrible for you and for poor Amelia.

  3. Ugh! So sorry for the vomit! I'm surprised you had to get your own car for the CA. Maybe because our travel group was so huge, it didn't matter? We were the only family at the Victory, and we just walked over and got on the bus. Many blessings as you finish your last day in China!

  4. Bummer!!! We tend to avoid recently vomited food/drink items for some time as well ;-). Its just not the same...

    We donated a bunch of stuff to whoever would take it. We also packed breakables in our carry-on bags (wrapped in clothes) & then packed those inside our larger suitcases. It made the bigger suitcases heavier, but we had less to carry through the airport, etc...

    We continue to pray for smooth travels! We love you guys!!

  5. Oh poor little precious sleepy girl...hope her tummy is feeling better now! What a cute picture! Hope you've enjoyed your shopping on the island and can figure out how to get it all home...we wrapped alot of our stuff in clothes too. It's so hard to believe your almost home. The time flew by and I will miss reading your entries every morning. We will pray for smooth and safe travels all through your homecoming. Can't wait to meet Amelia!!!

  6. Oh yuck. Glad to hear you made it through the appt and that she is doing better.

    Praying for you as you come home!