Monday, June 6, 2011

On to Wuhan

After breakfast this morning we met Ling Ling in the lobby and left for the airport. She helped get us checked in and went with us as far as security. The Beijing airport has a nice children's play area with toys and a TV showing Tom and Jerry cartoons that kept our kids busy during the wait for our flight to board. We were very impressed with China Eastern airlines. The plane was immaculate, they served us a nice lunch even on a short flight, and the service was wonderful.

We arrived in Wuhan at around 1:30, gathered our luggage, and met our next guide, Zoey. She seems very nice and helpful. We had about an hour's drive to our hotel, the Poly White Rose. The streets outside seem difficult to walk around, but the hotel itself is amazing. We got unpacked and settled in our room and then had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. Our food came one plate at a time, very far apart (Elizabeth and Diane were finished before the rest of us had our food), but when it all finally came it was delicious.

The lobby of our hotel (

braided bamboo in the lobby

Amelia's crib came with stuffed animals and a child-sized bath robe. There are also a baby bath tub and a training potty in the bathroom.

Tomorrow we have the morning to relax, and then we will be meeting Zoey at 2:20 to head to the Civil Affairs Office where we will meet Amelia at 3:00!


  1. Wow, nice crib! (I mean the actual crib, not slang for your hotel room. ;o)) Our crib here at the Victory leaves much to be desired...the "mattress" (and it's not truly a mattress) isn't even flat. Sigh. J doesn't mind, but his bed at home will seem like a palace by comparison! :o) Have a great "gotcha" day!

  2. I'm impressed with the crib too, and the child's bathrobe. And there's a play area in the Beijing airport? That would have been nice to know!

  3. I'm so glad things are going smoothly for you! It is so fun to relive the whole adoption experience through you! Can't wait to see pics of your sweet little Amelia! We will be praying for your sweet little girl as she adapts to life with her new family, and for Elizabeth, Evan, you and your husband as you adjust to becoming a family of 5! We are just so happy for you! I get chills just thinking about it! It's making me want to do it all over again! Such an exciting time! God Bless your family.


  4. Tonight as you and your family close your eyes to prepare tomorrow to embark on one of the most important days in your lives, we will be praying that as the Lord prepares little Amelia's tender heart and mind for this new union with her forever family....that she will be comforted and experience the love of the father "who comforts us in all our distress". Praying that as the Lord goes before you, he will keep your hearts and minds in perfect peace! Have a wonderful "Amelia Day"! Blessings to you all friends!

  5. We are in suspense!!! We are praying for sweet Amelia as her little life is about to change so radically! We are praying that the Lord would help you know how to comfort her as she grieves! Know that you are being covered in prayer! We love your family & watching your journey on this blog has been so exciting! Love & Prayers!!