Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yellow Crane Tower

Before I get to today, I need to write about our dinner experience last night. With directions from our guide, we started out for a walk to a Pizza Hut. We finally saw the sign, but apparently the restaurant is being renovated, because it looked completely destroyed inside. We must have looked hungry, because someone outside handed us a brochure for another restaurant inside this shopping mall we were in front of. We finally found it, and we were greeted at the door by a very friendly young lady who spoke a little English. We were quite the attraction being Westerners. We were seated in a private banquet room that said "VIP" over the door. Amelia was so good. She sat up on a big chair the whole time without making a fuss. The menu was huge. There were some things on it that we wouldn't touch (pig bowels, anyone?) but we found lots of things that looked good. We ordered a pizza, two ribeye steaks, a bowl of spaghetti, a lasagna, and five sprites, and our total bill was around $38. The waiters shut the door to our little room after they delivered the food so we could eat in private. Quite an experience!

Today we went to see the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the most popular sites in Wuhan. The first tower was built 1700 years ago, and it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. This tower was built in 1984. It was quite a walk to the top carrying a very heavy baby, I can tell you! It wasn't too hot today, but we were all drenched due to the humidity.

This afternoon we went swimming at the hotel again. Amelia wasn't too excited about it, although she did eventually let Mark hold her in water up to her shoulders.

When we left the tower, we stopped at the notary office to pick up some of the documents we need to take to Guangzhou. Tomorrow afternoon we will check out of the hotel at 2:00, stop by the registrar's office to pick up Amelia's passport, and then head to the airport. Our flight to Guangzhou leaves around 7:00 pm and arrives at 8:30. Thank you to everyone who has commented or sent e-mails -- your messages are so encouraging to us!

The millenium bell from the Yellow Crane Tower

view of Wuhan from the top of the tower

Amelia ate a whole cup of oatmeal today. She hadn't been eating much, so we were thankful to see her eat this well.


  1. Such a beautiful family. God's blessings are pouring out on you! Praise be to Him! Safe travels home! Can't wait to see Amelia!

  2. What a wonderful family photo! It looks like your children are enjoying themselves.