Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We have her!

We have Amelia! So far she is doing very well. Our guide called us this morning to say that the orphanage workers had brought her to Wuhan last night, so we could meet her this morning instead of this afternoon. So we got our things together and headed to the Civil Affairs Office.
When we arrived we took an elevator to the 3rd floor. We turned a corner and I could see that Amelia was already there with two of her nannies. We took things slowly and let the nannies continue to hold her. There was a play room that we went into, and she began to check us all out.
So far she has seemed sad and confused, but she hasn't really cried much. She is a heavy girl! And so pretty! I can't wait to see her smile! The nannies told us that she is beautiful and very smart and a favorite at the orphanage.
We filled out a paper saying that we would take custody of her for 24 hours. Tomorrow we will go back to the office and fill out the paperwork to make the adoption official. We were all doing well until it was time for us to leave and her nanny started to cry. That made all the rest of us cry too! We are so pleased with the care she received in the orphanage. They gave us several keepsakes today, including a beautifully labeled photo album filled with pictures of her. We also received the clothes she was wearing when she was found, a copy of her finding ad and the note that was found with her, a picture she colored along with the markers she likes to use, and a brochure about the orphanage.
She fell asleep in the van right at her scheduled naptime. Unfortunately we had to wake her when we got to the store to do some shopping. We picked up diapers, formula, and some snacks before heading back to the room. The nannies gave Amelia a little yogurt drink, and she has been holding onto the empty bottle for dear life ever since. You can see it in the pictures. Mark took it from her to rinse it out, and she cried until she got it back. Hopefully in the next few days she will begin to relax and be able to let go of it. So far she is letting both of us hold her and she let me give her a bottle, but she definitely prefers Mark right now.

We are going to try to go out for a walk and to find some dinner. We'll try to post more pictures later and possibly some video.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is PRECIOUS!!!! What a beautiful little girl! Praying she will begin to adjust to her new family very soon. It is so very hard to see your precious little one scared and confused.

  2. Congratulations! How wonderful that Amelia is letting you both hold her. How are her big siblings doing? It's so sweet that her nanny cried.

  3. Oh my Michelle! Amelia is just SO beautiful and so very precious!!! It is exciting to see pictures of her finally, but I agree, it is extremely hard to see her so grieved and sad. Our Alena had the same exact reaction and it brought tears to see Amelia in this state too. Alena didn't shed any tears either but was just so sluggish, sad and scared. We will pray that comfort to her little soul will come soon and she will adjust very quickly to her new family and surroundings! We love you all and are anxious to see how the Lord will be working in the next few days to bring healing to Amelia's little heart!

  4. This brings back SO many memories!!! She is beautiful! I remember Josiah falling asleep on me in the car at his scheduled nap time too! We will continue to pray for her as she tries to understand what is going on and grieves the loss of her nannies & friends. Praying, praying, praying, but also... praising God!!!

  5. She's gorgeous! Wonderful that you were given all those mementos. Praying God will shower you all with peace and grace, even in the hard moments. Joy does come in the morning...eventually! :o)